Joan Dobbie

The Dog Died on a Daily Basis

One day it died
& then the next day it died again

On the days that it didn’t die
Those were the days left for mourning

But there wasn't much time left for mourning
There was always a new death

After a while the baby started dying as well
It became a daily occurrence
Dog death and baby death

Then came the leaving of lovers
They came just to leave

They left you and then the next day
They left you again

The baby was thrown in the garbage can
The dog was buried with great fanfare
The lover was welcomed & welcomed again

It was a kind of daily rape
It was a kind of daily hell

I don't know what you did to deserve it
But you must have done something exquisite

It was always the same dog
It was always the same lover
It was always the same baby

You can abort it again & again & again
But the baby comes back
It is always the same baby

The soul, so they say, never dies

Copyright 1999